Thursday, June 19, 2008

SEO Copywriting Services

Developing a website with good design and graphics is not enough to drive traffic or get potential customer to your site. It would still depend on the contents of your site. Relevant and useful information do have its good benefits to your business. First, it provides the user with the necessary information that they need. Other users or site owners may also link to your site if you have great information. Contents that provides additional learning, knowledge and skills to the user will surely attract more visitors. With quality and effective copywriting, you will be turning your visitors to clients. A good strategy in increasing your sales online.

The second benefit of having good content is, it is loved by the search engines. Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines likes to crawl sites with unique and relevant contents. Websites with intensive graphics and full flash sites encounters difficulty in attaining good search engine rankings. The bots or crawlers of these search engines can't identify if the codes are relevant or not to searches made by the users.

Optimizing your content is a must. It will boost your rankings in the search engines. It will drive more visitors and convert more customers. A good copywriter can achieve this objective. A copywriter should know how to use keywords to make the content SEO friendly. Keyword stuffing should be avoided. Your site can be penalized by the search engines and worst it may drive away users and potential clients. Effective SEO copy writing should be made for the search engines and human readers.

At Philippines SEO Outsourcing, we provide SEO copywriting services at an affordable cost. We know that small and medium sized companies don't want to spend a lot on developing their websites. Outsourcing copywriting is a good option. You will be saving a lot since you will only pay for the services rendered.

There are so many firms as well as other freelancers offering SEO copywriting services but the question is , who among them can provide you with quality services at an affordable cost.

Here is a comparison of some SEO Copywriting services provided by firms and individuals from different countries.

Up to 500 words:
US - from $50 - $200.00
Australia - from Au$50 - 200.00
UK - from 60.00 - 250.00

We can provide outsourced SEO copywriting services at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. The quality of our copywriting services is already tested by several clients. And you get it a very affordable cost. Our copywriting fees starts at $7.00 for a 200 words article. If you need longer articles, please contact us for special pricing. For bulk orders you can get it a much lower price.

After creating content for your site and sales material, we still provide additional services as part of our SEO copywriting package. We will modify or update the contents if necessary for free. This is our commitment of providing quality services to our clients.

If you need the following, Philippines SEO Outsourcing can provide these services.

blog content/blog writing
press releases
web content
niche content
sales copy


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seo4hire said...

Right. Relevant and useful information is important for repeat visitors. Your website should have info that make visitors come back again whenever they need more.

Google values page relevancy and page importance when ranking a website for a specific keyword / keyphrase. That's why quality content is important.

Part of SEO services that can be offered for clients is web copywriting. Content that is SEO-ready helps web spiders read and index page data.

This is helpful for your website's Google ranking.

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