Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Keyword Ranking on Google for SEO Outsource Philippines

Ranking on the search engines is not an overnight job. There are so many factors that affects the ranking of a site on these search engines. On site and off site optimization is a must for every website owner. Failure to do this would mean less traffic, and less customers.

In SEO, knowledge of search engine algorithm is a great help. You should have different approaches in optimizing for other search engines such as Yahoo and Msn. Every SEO would agree that content is still king. Google gives more value to the content of the site specially the keyword found in the content. Links comes next.

I compiled some of the keywords that I used for this blog and based on the searches of users in finding this site. These keyword ranking is as of February 2008 from Google's SERP. It includes the keyword and the ranking.

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The process of generating more links to this site is still continuing but my ranking on Google is not that bad. This proves that search engine optimization is a continuos process and not an instant task that will give the optimizer an instant result.


luk4biz said...

Last week I check the ranking of this site,Outsourcing SEO but i could not find the the site on google serps. It seems that its about google dance. Right now the ranking is back..

luk4biz said...

My ranking in MSN is also good. The sample keywords that i have listed here are also showing good rankings at MSN. Almost the same rankings.

jun said...

At last my blog appears in the rankings of Yahoo. SEO Services Philippines have good rankings also when I checked my keywords. This would also help in generating more visitors to this blog.

Anonymous said...

pretty interesting keywords.. let me compete with you guys on that.. for now im working with there keywords: cebu seo specialist, cebu seo experts, philippines seo experts, philippines seo specialist, philippines seo guru..

some results were possitive while others were not that bad..


Anonymous said...

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karen said...

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Anonymous said...

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ford said...

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Anthony Gonzales said...

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