Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SEO/SEM in the Philippines: White and Black Hat Strategies

For newbies in the internet marketing world, white hat and black hat strategies may be a new term for them. These are strategies which are used by internet marketers in promoting websites on the net. Although there are some who would use both strategies just to get traffic but it will surely give some negative effects on the site that is being promoted. Lets take for example the search engines. SE can determine if an internet marketer, or SE optimizer is using a black hat strategy. The worst thing that could happen to the site is being banned in Google, Yahoo or other major search engines.

For SEO and SEM professionals especially in the Philippines, avoid using black hat strategies in doing SEO jobs. It may give instant results such as the volume of traffic to a site but the effect would just be temporary. You have to aim for a long term benefit for your clients. Aim for quality.


Michael said...

Actually what you want to say . . . Say that clearly . . .


raiden28 said...

Whoa! I had a great time reading your post. I am working also as a freelance SEO. Indeed, in doing SEO, we should consider quality links not quantity links. We should abide with the rules in SEO world. Doing Black Hat strategies will lead your website to be penalized by most search engines especially by Google.

Just sharing my knowledge.

Cris Monde said...

White hat SEO need time to see the effectiveness of it. Sometimes it take 6 to 8 months to see the results. On the other hand, black hat SEO can rank your site in just a short period of time, but you might disappoint once SE caught you that you're using this strategy. So we must stick on white hat to avoid that.

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Anthony Gonzales said...

Nice post! Black hat strategies are always a no no if you want to last in the seo industry. But we cannot deny that there are some who are desperate enough to use it. If you want to promote your business in the easiest and safest way, try Philippines SEO.