Thursday, January 3, 2008

SEO Philippines: Why Outsource in the Philippines?

Top 10 REASONS why you should outsource SEO in the Philippines?

1. Filipinos are known as hardworking professionals.
2. We provide quality work not just locally but globally.
3. The cost of labor is cheaper as compared to other countries.
4. High english proficiency among filipinos, thus eliminate language barriers.
5. With good working ethics.
6. The skills are at par with western countries when it comes to SEO.
7. We have access to resources in doing SEO jobs.
8. We can provide competitive pricing but with quality.
9. The client can work with us even on a tight budget.
10.SEO professionals are growing in the Philippines and are now competing globally.


Anonymous said...

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Jay said...

Outsourcing industry probably is one of the fast growing industry nowadays, and Philippines is one of the top and renowned countries when it comes to outsourcing.
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mintradz said...

Truly, that it is worthy to outsouce SEO in the Philippines. For example, the fourth reason given one the list have been proven once again by the first commenter.

mintradz said...

No matter how links are built, the most important factor for SEO is how effective it is after the campaign. Does it provide more traffic? You see, high traffic and high sales don't always go together. Many of the most profitable sites in the world that outsouce SEO get moderate traffic because their lucrative keywords result in a much higher ratio of visitors to buyers.

Anthony Gonzales said...

The development of the seo industry in the country is getting better. One of the reasons why we should be proud of. Try considering Philippines SEO, you would certainly be more proud if you do.